The Fishery Improvement Programme (FIP) launched by the Indian Fish Meal and Fish Oil Exporters Association (IFAFEA) aims at addressing all environmental challenges facing a fishery. The small pelagic fishery of India is spread all along the west coast and south east coast and is subject to fishing efforts of various gears, mostly seines operated from shore and small mechanized vessels, subject to fishery regulations existing in the respective maritime states. The present effort is to carry out a FIP for the small pelagics mostly comprising the Indian Oil Sardine and to a very small extent the Indian mackerel, anchovies, lesser sardines distributed in the coastal waters. A healthy and well managed fishery will be sustainable and will continue to contribute to the livelihoods, employment opportunities and economic gains to all stake holders.

Components of the FIP include FIP identification, FIP development, FIP launch, FIP implementation, FIP monitoring and mid course corrections. Measurable and visible impacts of improvement in the fishery will be evaluated by the certification agencies. Concerted and participatory efforts of all stake holders can lead to getting the fishery certified as well managed and sustainable which will have future economic and environmental implications. The objectives of this FIP is to achieve this in due course.

FIP Documents